There is a big difference between the average Web site and a full blown Web based business applications. An average Web site is some basic information about a person or a business. A Web based business application is a piece of software that is designed for the purpose of conducting business on the Internet using a Web browser. We do both. Our primary focus is on business applications but we do offer services to small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. Contact us for more.

Constructing a successful web site, in many ways, is like building a house. You have to start with a plan. Flexibility, scalability and maintenance must be kept in mind as well, but failure to stick to plan will likely invoke a visit from a reality TV show.

Web Software Development | Hosting & Domain Services | Promotion (SEO) | Training

Web Software Development

We leverage the latest technology to build and deploy your site. Our primary focus uses Microsoft technology but we also use programming technologies from PayPal, Google, and others.

Web Languages and technologies - HTML | JavaScript | AJAX | SQL and SQL Server | DHTML and CSS | XML and Web Services | Server side programming with Microsoft C# (C Sharp) and VB (Visual Basic)

Compliance - When we develop our applications we stay in optimize for the major Web browsers and ensure our products meet the standards set down by the W3C and are ADA and XHTML compliant.

  • Multimedia - We are verse in Web media presentations as well as DVD’s, video editing and development.
  • Mobile - We’re working with new emerging technologies for mobile devices. Nearly all new phones are Internet capable; your site should be too.
  • Database design and development – Microsoft SQL Server is our preferred database technology.


Hosting & Domain Services

A Web site needs a place to live and address on where it lives. We use the top names in domain registrars so if you don't have a domain name ( we'll help you put find one.

We help you to determine your hosting needs and outline a hosting solution that is right for you. There are many choices when it comes to hosting and it can be a daunting experience; features, prices, availability. No need to bang your head on the wall and spend dozens of hours trying to find out what works.

We’ve got hosting partners that offer all the major technologies, including Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Web Site Maintenance

Finally, as with any investment, you’ll need to take care of what you’ve built. Maintaining your home is an on-going process that ensures your long-term happiness and success.

The final (yet on-going) stage of web development is maintaining the site’s content and perceived image. Revolving content is perhaps the best way to achieve high levels of loyal users. Likewise, constructing new content areas, graphics, and interaction can ensure continuous interest.

  • Archiving
  • Backup & Storage
  • Fielding
  • User Feedback
  • Continuous or Incremental Maintenance


Promotion Building an excellent site in not enough to ensure success, without traffic, even the best site in cyberspace is just space. To achieve results people must know the site exists. Promotion is a vital part of the success of any project such as this and there are many ways to get found on the Internet.

Like the house you’ll want to tell everyone where to find you, which means change of address forms and a great party. If no one knows of your existence your efforts will have been for naught which makes for a pretty boring party.

Search engines are the yellow pages of the Internet and are the first place people go to look for something on the Web and if you’re not there you won't be found. Search engine submissions can be complicated and time consuming. If you don't have the proper configurations it can be difficult to properly place your site. We provide this service for you as part of a design package or regular submissions as part of a maintenance package.


Need training? We offer instruction and consulting services from basic PC or Internet usage to advanced network administration. Additionally we can help with planning for the deployment of your business into e-commerce. We are constantly gaining and applying new methods and techniques along with the latest software to remain on the cutting edge of design and technology. We have developed and deployed, on a variety of levels and platforms, dynamic web applications with multiple programming languages.
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